Basic Service consists mainly of changing fluids and inspecting all parts (bushings, seals, wipers, o-rings, washers, etc.) for wear and damage. Forks and shocks are completely disassembled using the proper techniques and tools, cleaned, and are reassembled with fresh oil and nitrogen (for shocks). Under average use conditions, we recommend suspension service at regular intervals (at least once a season).

A Rebuild is essentially the same as a service, except that all major wear parts are replaced (seals, scrapers, seal heads, bushings, etc.).

A Revalve is our most specialized service, and includes everything done during a routine service, plus the reworking of the internal valving system within the fork or shock. On damper rod forks (older style conventional forks), the existing holes in the damper tubes are brazed up and different holes (diameters and locations) are drilled. Depending on the rider and application, cartridge emulators may be added. On shocks and cartridge forks, washer stacks are removed from the valve assembly and are modified using a computer modeling program. In conjunction with our experience and knowledge, valve assemblies are restacked in order to achieve characteristics to better suit your needs and make your bike work better for you. In conjunction with all revalve work, springs may need to be replaced or modified, depending on the bike, rider and application.

Field and Race Support is offered for road and dirt bikes. We spend much time at road race tracks and popular dirt riding areas . We can help make your track tuning time more valuable by providing on-site feedback.

Motorcycle Repair
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