Looking to get the most out of our motorcycle? The best way is to Dyno Tune it!

  • Dynojet Rolling Road
  • Dynojet Installations
  • Carburetor Set-Ups
  • Fuel Injection Re-Maps And Adjustments
  • Engine Rebuilds
  • Port/Flow Work
  • Valve Seat Cutting / Valve Guide Installations
  • Big Valve Seats Installed
  • Height Checked
  • Camshaft Re-Grinding
  • Crankcase Machining
  • Big Block Assemblies
  • Turbocharging-Specialists
  • Cylinder Re-boring
  • Cylinder Nickle Plating And Re-Sleeving
  • Nitros Oxide Installation
  • Ignition Rewiring
  • Crank Lightening
  • Crank Balancing
  • Crank Welding
  • Cylinder Stud Installation
  • Clutch Basket Rebuild
  • Gearbox Preparation
  • Dyno Testing for Race Engines

We offer professional dyno testing facilities to race teams and individuals.

We offer data logging facilities to record conditions and results obtained in the dyno cell.

Data Logging is priced subject to requirements.

Give us a Call to find out what we can do for you:

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