• Kalex Moto2 on Our Dyno

    The most recent bike on our motorcycle dyno, a hand made Kalex Moto2 from Europe. This bike is 2 inches shorter than the shortest bike I ever had on the dyno before… total work of art! If you want to get the absolute most performance out of your bike putting it on the dyno is

  • Steve Moriarty Crash at Show Low

    Fantastic night one at ShowLows Thunder Raceway…..13th to 2nd. Night 2 not so much….. Steve said, “I totally made a big mistake that will probably have me out for the summer.” Yay Right! we know you Steve you’ll be back to racing by July. What can we say, It Happens.

  • Tuscon International Raceway Win

    Personal first time win at the Tuscon International Raceway on Saturday April 28, 2012. On Facebook Steve Moriarty said: I’m just going to bore you all by thanking my sponsors……..Total Seal, Cycle Dynamics, PeterD Motorsports, Johnnys Roofing, Tri-State Appraisers, and my awesome wife Mercy for putting up with all my shenanigans….. I couldnt do this

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